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 Episode #98: How is your prayer life through the difficult times? Have you found that it’s less than it used to be? Maybe you’ve even said, “God’s not answering my prayers, so I might as well quit praying.” If you’ve reached the point where you feel like you can’t pray anymore, this message is for you. I'll share with you two secrets to praying when you feel discouraged and tired.


If you feel like you can’t pray anymore because it doesn’t make a difference – you’re tired, you’re drained, you’re exhausted from putting in so much prayer effort, and so much effort into emotionally dealing with all the trials that are going on today in your life and in the world — if you find yourself in that situation: Just surrender. You don’t need words.


That’s the first of two secrets to praying when you don’t feel like praying, which I explain how to do based on my own personal experiences.


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